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Skin Tumor on the Head and Neck – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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About Skin Cancer

The most common cause of skin cancer is prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and artificial sources (tanning beds). Since the head, scalp, and neck are typically more exposed than other areas of the body, skin cancer commonly occurs in these areas. Board-certified head and neck (otolaryngologist) surgeons Drs. Yadro Ducic and Masoud Saman are skilled at surgery to remove cancerous and noncancerous skin growths, as well as reconstructive surgery to normalize the appearance. With locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas can help patients who have suspicious skin growths or who have been diagnosed with skin cancer on their head and neck.


While people with fairer skin are more at risk, all people can get skin cancer so it's important for everyone to watch for abnormal growths on their skin. Getting skin cancer diagnosed early can give patients more treatment options and increase their chance of successfully beating it. Growths on the skin should be examined by a medical professional if the patient sees:

Asymmetry: the growth is not symmetrical

Border: the border of the growth is not even or jagged

Color: the growth changes color

Diameter: the growth is more than half a centimeter across

Evolution: the growth changes color, shape, size, and texture

Treatment Options

Skin cancer can be surgically removed with the patient under general or local anesthesia in an accredited facility. Each patient will have a unique treatment plan based on the size, location, and spread of their skin cancer. During surgery to remove the skin cancer, the surgeon can also perform reconstruction to normalize the patient's appearance after the tumorous area has been removed.

What to Expect

Each patient will be given post-surgical care instructions to help with their recovery, including how to care for surgical scars. Removing a growth from the head or neck can leave a visible scar or damaged area that can affect the patient's appearance and confidence. Our doctors of the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas also perform reconstructive surgery to restore the patient's appearance.

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Clear, Healthy Skin

Abnormal growths on the skin should be carefully monitored and treated if cancer is diagnosed or suspected. At the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas, skilled otolaryngologists Drs. Ducic and Saman offer surgical options to remove skin cancer and reconstruct the patient's appearance. Learn more about skin cancer and treatment options by scheduling a consultation at any of our locations in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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