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Temporal Bone Tumor (Radical Temporal Bone Resection Surgery) – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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About Temporal Bone Cancer

The temporal bone is in the lower section of the skull, directly below the temples and made of four pieces: the tympanic part, petrous portion, mastoid portion, and squama temporalis. Cancer that originates in the temporal bone is rare, but cancers that originate in the head and neck may spread to the temporal bone. Most often, temporal bone cancer starts as skin cancer in the outer ear that has spread. At the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, board-certified head and neck (otolaryngologist) surgeons Drs. Yadro Ducic and Masoud Saman offer advanced treatments for temporal bone cancer, including radical temporal bone resection surgery. Drs. Ducic, and Saman also perform reconstruction to help restore function and appearance after cancer surgery.


The most common symptoms that indicate a patient may have temporal bone cancer are:

  • Drainage or bleeding from the ear
  • Ear pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Pulsating sound in the ear

Treatment Options

If temporal bone cancer is suspected, a CT or MRI will usually be performed to give our doctors a better idea of the size and specific location of the tumor before treatment options are discussed. Radical temporal bone resection surgery removes the temporal bone and any surrounding areas that have been infected. The temporal bone will be need to be reconstructed during the surgery. Depending on the size and location of the tumor, the patient may need radiation therapy after surgery to help destroy any remaining cancer.

What to Expect

After a radical temporal bone resection surgery, patients will need to attend frequent follow-up appointments. During these appointments, our doctor will check carefully for any side effects or a recurrence of the cancer.

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Surgical Cancer Options

Cancer of the head and neck requires extreme experience and skill for optimal treatment, so patients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who have been diagnosed or have symptoms are encouraged to schedule a consultation at the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas. Board-certified otolaryngologist surgeons Drs. Ducic and Saman can help patients understand their treatment options for temporal bone cancer, including radical temporal bone resection surgery with reconstruction.

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