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Reviews for Skin Tumor Procedures Near Dallas, TX

Finding the best surgery and reconstruction doctors for head and neck cancers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can be overwhelming. It’s why board-certified head and neck (otolaryngologist) surgeons Drs.Yadro Ducic, MD and Masoud Saman decided to showcase our patients' experience by including all reviews in one convenient location to help you decide if we are right for you. We are quite appreciative of our patients for taking the time to share their stories. It allows Drs. Ducic and Saman to continue to offer the best surgical cancer services possible at the Head & Neck Cancer Center of Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Review from M.C.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jan 27, 2018

Can't say enough about Dr. Ducic.    He preformed a total neck dissection on a family member with a rare form of skin cancer with unknown primary 12 years ago.   My family member was given no hope from UTSouthwestern in Dallas.  In fact UTSouthwestern gave my family member 1% chance to live five years & rejected him for any clinical trial because his cancer was in stage 4.    Dr. Ducic is the best Head and Neck Surgeon hands down!  Dr. Ducic is a facial plastic surgeon as well so not only does he kick cancers booty he works his magic rebuilding the face to restore form and function.      12 years cancer free to this day.     Dr. Ducic is a doctor of hope and to say we are forever grateful for him would be a tremendous understatement! More

Review from S.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 02, 2017

Yadro Ducic is a Master Craftsman!Dr. Ducic (FRCS-C, FACS) was the facial reconstructive surgeon who preformed my surgery after an vigorous bout of skin cancer.By the time I reached Dr. Ducic most of my right side of my face was nothing but a large hole.The Doctor spent time with me discussing the procedures, the possible situations that could arise, the recovery time and ways to make scaring less prominent. I must admit I wasn't exciting to look like my old self any longer.  I was surprised at how delicate the stitches were, how much time and patience he used during my surgeries...while it is true I have a scar that runs across my right side, the scar is small, due to some clever arranging of my neck and chest skin I can once again sport my beard and most people don't even notice my war wounds.    I can never express how blessed I am for what he did for me. Yadro Ducic was able to take care of me and make me feel like my old self once again....if you ever need a true Artist... then look no further!Dr. Ducic is my 5 Star, superstar More

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