Tumors of the Esophagus


Cancers of the cervical esophagus are often an extension of the most inferior (bottom) portion of the throat (hypopharynx). In the upper esophagus, the most common cancer here is squamous cell carcinoma. This is potentially curable as long as there is no spread outside of the head and neck region. Often, a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are required to give the best outcomes. Reconstruction of the esophagus is done with either transplants from another part of the body (such as forearm, thigh, chest wall) or from making the stomach into a new esophagus (gastric pullup). Dr. Ducic has a tremendous amount of experience in the surgical treatment of these cancers. Long term swallowing problems are the major problems encountered by patients’ long term in these cancers and their treatment. Having speech therapy involved is important in this patient population.